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A Research Paper is a bit like an essay, or a report, but instead of reporting on something, the goal is to research an interesting topic instead! Completing a research paper is a time-consuming task that takes a large amount of planning, preparation, analysis, and above all, research. After choosing something interesting to study, the goal is to write an informative research paper that provides the reader with a structured and detailed investigation into the topic that interprets and evaluates any findings while being engaging and enjoyable to read.

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Our Basic Format of a Research Paper Usually Comprises Six Sections:

  • Title and Abstract: The opening chapter reveals the title and abstract that presents the paper in a nutshell.
  • Introduction: This section describes where all the research questions fit into the current science.
  • Materials and Methods: This section converts the research question into a comprehensive plan of operations.
  • Results: It depicts the orderly compilation of collected and analyzed data, after following the research plan.
  • Discussion: This section amalgamates the data and connects it to the data of other researchers.
  • Conclusion: It provides a few scientific and logical points on which the entire paper leads.